Editorial Team

Associate Professor
Department of Energy Technology, Section for Power Electronics Systems Aalborg University.
Email: akh@et.aau.dk
University Kuala Lumpur, British Malaysian Institute, Malaysia.
Email:syedfaiz@unikl.edu.my / syed0011@e.ntu.edu.sg
Associate Dean
Faculty of Telecommunications Malaga (Spain).
ParisTech, Grandes Ecoles, the ETH-Zurich , Romania.
Vision Imaging Department of Computer Science Middlesex University, London.
Professor Information Technology & Dean of School of Science and Engineering
Malaysia University of Science and Technology.
Email: sell@must.edu.my
MIEEE Associate Professor & Faculty of Computing and Informatics
University Malaysia.
Email: kashif@ums.edu.my / kashifnisar@ieee.org
Department of Computer Science, College of Computer Sciences & IT,
King Faisal University.
Email: nzaman@kfu.edu.sa / noorzaman650@hotmail.com
Professor Information Security Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management
University of Hawaii West Oahu, USA.
Associate Professor of Physics,
Millersville University.
E-mail: tariq.gilani@millersville.edu
Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics
University of Karachi.
Email: drfoziakhan@uok.edu.pk
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems Institute of Business & Management.
PhD Dean Faculty of Computer Science Information Technology.
Email: aasyed@smiu.edu.pk
Professor & Head of Department Software Engineering
Usman Institute of Technology.
Email: mgukhan@uit.edu
Associate Professor,
Department of Computer Science University of Karachi.
Email: tahseenjilani@uok.edu.pk
Assistant Professor,
Department of Electronic Engineering,
Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science, and Technology, Pakistan.
Dean Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering
Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro,Pakistan.